Angra Infra FIP 1

Angra Infra FIP is a Private Investment Fund – “FIP” – incorporated in accordance with CVM Instruction 391/03 and by the fund‘s bylaws. The purpose of the fund is to invest in Brazilian infrastructure ventures, acquiring privately negotiated control or joint-control equity positions, always playing an active role in the management of invested companies.

Closing Date: October 11, 2006
Committed Capital: R$ 739 million
Term: 10 years, with the possibility for the extension of up to four additional one-year periods.
Investment period: 5 years from the Closing Date

Target Sectors

We invest in companies and ventures whose business are related to the infrastructure sector, including, but not limited to, the following target sectors:


Water, sewage and waste treatment

Transportation and Logistics:

Ports, airports, railways and logistic systems

Industrial Utilities:

Utilities and supporting infrastructure


Specific opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry

“Private Equity Fund (FIP) may be exposed to the risks inherent in concentration and possible asset illiquidity that integrate the portfolio resulting from applications.”